Malaysian Super League 3D kits for FM 2018, and the package includes 12th teams from the Malaysian Super League in the 2018 season. Complete with home kits, away and third (if the team has a third kit) are all included.

These kits are easy to install (just drag a folder) and will greatly improve your gaming experience when playing in the Malaysian Super League (or against a Malaysian League team). The socks and alternative socks will continue to work automatically.

Malaysia Super League Packs 3D Kits for Football Manager 2018

Malaysia Super League Packs 3D Kits for Football Manager 2018

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In this tutorial, We’ll explain how to install Malaysian Super League 3D kits into Football Manager 2018.

1. First step: Go to the following directory: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/

2. Second step: Now, create a new folder named “graphics“. Then, inside the graphics folder, you should create a new folder named “kits”. Then create a new folder named '3d' inside the kits folder.

3. Third step: Open the .zip or .rar file (with WinRar), and extract the content to the following 4. directory: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\graphics\kits\3d

4. Fourth step: Start Football Manager 2018 and go to Preferences -> Interface and untick Use Caching to decrease page loading times, and tick Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences.

5. Fifth step: Press Confirm button.

Any questions, use the comment box below.

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